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Looking for a summer job that is both fun ​and rewarding? Help change lives, share ​your faith, and meet new people! There are ​over 30 different camp roles open in our ​Base Camp and Music & Arts Conservatory.

Base Camp

Positions available for Base Camp are part ​of an adventure style summer program.

We're looking for staff who love God, ​enjoy the outdoors, and are ready to lead ​campers on an adventure this summer!

Job Positions are listed ​on the Base Camp page.

Music & Arts


Positions are available for our intensive

Music and Arts Conservatory.

We're hiring music instructors for

Brass, Piano, Choir, Percussion,

Dance and Theatre!

Apply now on the ​Conservatory page!

Base Camp Positions

From Counselors to Lifeguards, positions are available in all ​areas of camp life. Scroll through to find the position you’re ​interested in and click the link to apply!


A Counselor’s role involves ​managing camper behavior, acting ​as a role model and mentor, ​modeling constructive participation ​in all daily activities, and ensuring ​camper’s safety.

Must be over the age of 18 to apply.

Female Counselor

Male Counsel​or

Head Counselors

Head Counselors train, supervise, ​and provide guidance and role ​modeling to counselors while ​ensuring safety and a positive ​experience for counselors and ​campers.

Must be over the age of 21 to apply.

Head Female Counse​lor

Head Male Counse​lor

Maintenance Worker

The Maintenance team assists in ​the maintenance and repair of the ​camp’s buildings, grounds, ​equipment, and other facilities.

Head Maintenance must have a ​valid driver's license to apply.

Head Maintenance Work​er

Ma​intenance Worker

Camp Nurse

The Camp Nurse plans, directs, ​facilitates, coordinates, and ​monitors the day-to-day medical ​needs of all camp staff and ​campers. For a full job description, ​follow the link below

Camp Nurse

Ca​mp Nurse Assistant


The camp housekeeper performs a ​variety of housekeeping duties for ​camp to ensure the neatness and ​cleanliness of the camp facilities on ​a daily basis.


Dining Hall Staff

Dining hall staff work together in ​the preparation of daily meals and ​coordinating the cleaning of the ​kitchen and dining areas.

He​ad Dining Hall Attendant

Di​ning Hall Attendant

He​ad Dishwasher


Program Support

The following positions are specialized in areas of Base Camp programming

for the execution and support of daily camping activities.

As​sistant Wrangler

Challenge Course


Archery Specialist

Pr​ogram Assitant

Aquatics/Lakefront ​Specialist


Re​creation Specialist

Male Photographer Using a Camera

Audio Visual Specialist/ ​Camp Photographer

Outdoor Skills and ​Camping Specialist

Ar​ts and Crafts Specialist

Music & Arts Conservatory Position

Instructor positions are specialized. These roles are responsible ​for planning, coordinating, and directing the functions of the ​Conservatory Music Program in their respected majors.

Brass Music


Piano Music


Percussion Music








Conservatory Counselors

A Counselor’s role involves ​managing camper behavior, acting ​as a role model and mentor, ​modeling constructive participation ​in all daily activities, and ensuring ​camper’s safety.

Conservatory Female Counselor

Conservatory Male Counselor

Program Director

The Conservatory Program Director ​designs and delivers program ​activities and events that are safe, ​fun and appropriate to the ​camper's age and abilities.

Conservatory Program Director

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